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Boat Storage

Outdoor Boat Storage in Englewood, FL at FrogPad

When the allure of the open seas beckons, ensuring the safety and security of your beloved boat shouldn’t be a concern. At FROGPAD, we specialize in Boat Storage, offering Englewood storage solutions that are both reliable and convenient, specifically designed to safeguard your vessel. Our outdoor storage services are tailored to keep your boat protected, allowing you to concentrate fully on planning your next nautical journey without the worry of your boat’s security. Trust in FROGPAD for peace of mind, knowing your cherished boat is in safe hands, ready for the sea whenever you are.

Boat Storage & Amenities

Situated at the core of Englewood, FROGPAD’s boat storage facility stands as a beacon of security and convenience for the boating community. Englewood, with its deep-rooted maritime heritage and the pivotal role boating plays in the lives of its residents, inspires our commitment to providing exceptional outdoor storage solutions. Our offerings are thoughtfully crafted to welcome a broad spectrum of watercraft, from the compact personal kayaks cherished by adventurers to the majestic fishing boats that embody the spirit of the sea. Our advanced facility is designed to protect your valuable watercraft from environmental threats, ensuring they are safeguarded and ready to embark on your next voyage at a moment’s notice.

Our dedication to safeguarding your vessels is reflected in our round-the-clock security monitoring and the seamless accessibility we offer to all our clients. This unwavering commitment to service excellence positions us as the go-to Englewood storage facility for all boating enthusiasts. By choosing FROGPAD, you’re not just selecting a storage solution; you’re opting for peace of mind. Embrace the premier boat storage experience in Englewood – embrace FROGPAD Outdoor Storage, where your boating adventures are nurtured with care and expertise.

FREE Boat Trailer & Minutes from Close-By Docks

About FROGPAD's Boat & Marine Outdoor Storage

Tailored to Your Needs

At FROGPAD, we deeply understand that every boat owner’s needs are distinct. Whether your heart races for the thrill of a speed boat or finds peace aboard a sailboat, our Englewood storage solutions are meticulously designed for you. Our outdoor storage facilities adeptly accommodate a diverse range of boat sizes throughout all seasons, ensuring your prized vessel is always ready for the water, regardless of the time of year.

Safe & Secure

Security is not just a feature; it’s a cornerstone of our service at FROGPAD. Equipped with the latest in security technology, including 24-hour gated access and site-wide surveillance cameras, we ensure your boat’s safety and security are never compromised. Rest easy knowing that your vessel is under the constant vigilance of our advanced security measures, safeguarded round the clock in our Englewood storage facility.

Wash Pads & Maintenance

At FROGPAD, we believe maintaining your boat in top condition is crucial for enjoying seamless sea voyages. Our facilities include on-site wash pads, providing a convenient way for you to clean and maintain your boat before and after setting sail. Furthermore, our experienced on-site management team is always available to offer assistance, ensuring your storage experience is as smooth and hassle-free as possible.


Easy Access to Water

FROGPAD’s commitment lies in offering exceptional storage solutions that perfectly align with the unique needs of boat owners. Understanding the value of your investment, we handle your boat with the utmost care, akin to our own. With FROGPAD, you’re choosing a partner who values your boating experience, providing a secure, accessible, and well-maintained space for your vessel.

Free Onsite Boat Trailers

Our commitment at FROGPAD extends to ensuring the utmost accessibility and convenience for our clients. Our 24/7 access policy allows you to visit your boat at any time, perfect for spontaneous trips or necessary checks. This flexibility, coupled with our prime Englewood storage location, makes FROGPAD the ideal choice for boat owners seeking reliable and accessible outdoor storage options.

The FrogPad Promise

Choosing FROGPAD means opting for peace of mind. Our comprehensive approach to boat storage—from top-tier security measures to convenient maintenance facilities—ensures your boat is always in ready condition. Trust in our expertise and dedication to provide a storage solution that not only meets but exceeds your expectations, safeguarding your investment with the care and respect it deserves.


To access your boat trailer at FROGPAD, we kindly request a minimum notice of 72 hours to ensure readiness and streamline the process for you.

Easy Access to Nearby Boat Ramps

FROGPAD’s boat storage facility boasts a strategic location, situated in close proximity to popular boat ramps, offering boaters unparalleled convenience. This prime positioning ensures that accessing the water is effortless and quick, enhancing your boating experience by significantly reducing the time between storage and sail. With our facility, you’re not just storing your boat; you’re gaining expedited access to aquatic adventures, making it the ideal choice for dedicated boaters seeking easy and efficient entry to the water.

Storage Service Options


Our boat storage offers access to nearby ramps, enhanced by complimentary trailer use, ensuring your vessel is always ready for the next adventure on the water.

Rv & Motorhomes

Secure your RV or motorhome at FROGPAD, where 24/7 access and top-tier security measures promise peace of mind and convenience for all your travels.

Car & Vehicles

FROGPAD provides versatile car and vehicle storage solutions, featuring robust security and easy access, tailored to keep your vehicle safe and in pristine condition.


Trailer storage, benefit from spacious, secure spots designed for a variety of trailers, ensuring your equipment is protected and ready when you are.


FROGPAD is uniquely equipped to cater to a wide variety of boating needs, housing everything from sleek jet skis and compact fishing boats to majestic sailboats, luxurious yachts, and spacious pontoons. We’re committed to accommodating boats of all shapes and sizes. To ensure a perfect fit within our expansive, meticulously organized facility, we encourage you to share your boat’s specific dimensions with our expert team. Our goal is to tailor our storage solutions to your exact needs, providing a space where each vessel receives the highest level of care and security, safeguarded within our well-structured premises.

Strategically located a mere 10-minute drive from not one but three popular boat ramps, our facility offers unmatched convenience for all boat enthusiasts. This advantageous positioning ensures quick and effortless access to the water, making both spontaneous escapes and planned voyages simpler than ever. The ease of transitioning from storage to sea, or river, minimizes wait times and maximizes your enjoyment, placing FROGPAD at the forefront of providing practical and accessible boating solutions.

FROGPAD is proud to extend 24/7 gated access to our storage clients, offering unparalleled flexibility for your boating excursions. Regardless of when the boating urge strikes, our secure system, featuring pin-code access, guarantees that only authorized individuals can enter, providing a safe haven for your boat. This round-the-clock accessibility not only adds convenience but also assures that your boat is both readily available for your next adventure and securely stored under our vigilant care.

Understanding the comprehensive needs of boat owners, FROGPAD enhances its storage services with thoughtful amenities. The complimentary provision of a boat trailer eliminates the need for personal transport logistics, while our on-site wash pads offer the convenience of maintaining your boat’s cleanliness and condition before and after each journey. These services underscore our commitment to not just storing but preserving the value and readiness of your boat throughout the year.

Security is not just a feature but a foundation at FROGPAD. Our advanced surveillance setup encompasses continuous video monitoring, ensuring your boat is under vigilant watch at all hours. Combined with our secure, gated entry and the expertise of our on-site management team, every measure is taken to protect your vessel. The illuminated, fenced parameters of our facility act as a deterrent against unauthorized entry, offering you the ultimate peace of mind that your boat is nestled safely in a secure, welcoming environment.

Client Testimonials

"Storing my RV at FROGPAD was a game changer. The staff is incredibly helpful, and the 24/7 access means I can hit the road whenever I want. Highly recommend!"
Jameson Clark
"I recently moved my boat to FROGPAD and couldn’t be happier. The proximity to boat ramps and the free trailer use is unbeatable. It's the best storage facility in Englewood!"
Samantha Wei
"FROGPAD exceeds expectations! Their site is clean, secure, and the customer service is top-notch. I feel confident that my trailer is in good hands here."
Elena Rodriguez