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About FrogPad Outdoor Storage

The FrogPad Difference

At FrogPad, we are passionate about offering safe, secure, and accessible storage solutions for your beloved assets. We cover a broad spectrum of outdoor storage options including Boat Storage, RV Storage, Car Storage, Equipment Storage, Trailer Storage, and Vehicle Storage. Each of our lots and our entire facility is designed to protect your valuable possessions from the elements, ensuring they’re always ready for your next adventure or project. As a start-up, we are proud of our humble beginnings, starting with our well-established and thriving facility in Engelwood. Our vast and secure premises is more than just a storage location – it’s a testament to our commitment to provide unparalleled customer service and top-notch storage solutions. But we’re not stopping there! Our ambitious growth plans involve acquiring more outdoor storage facilities across the beautiful Sunshine State and the southeast. We’re also actively purchasing land to construct new, state-of-the-art storage properties. Our goal is not just to be a storage facility, but a trusted storage partner in every corner of Florida and beyond. We’re looking forward to helping you create more space in your life and offering the peace of mind that comes with knowing your belongings are safe and secure. Whether you’re downsizing, decluttering, planning an adventure, or simply need a safe place to store your vehicle, FrogPad is here for you.

Our Vision for the Future

At FROGPAD, our commitment to excellence is unwavering. We are continuously exploring avenues to enhance our offerings, with a keen focus on evolving in tandem with the needs and expectations of our valued customers. In the spirit of this progression, we are thrilled to announce forthcoming plans for substantial upgrades and expansions. These initiatives are designed not just to meet the current demands but to anticipate future needs, ensuring that FROGPAD remains the premier choice for outdoor storage, vehicle storage, and Englewood storage solutions. By investing in our facilities and services, we aim to elevate the standard of storage excellence, providing our clients with unparalleled peace of mind and convenience.


At FROGPAD, enhancing security and upgrading facilities are our top priorities. We’re introducing cutting-edge technology and advanced security measures to provide a superior storage experience, ensuring the safety and accessibility of your valuables in a state-of-the-art environment.


FROGPAD is expanding to offer more storage options and increased capacity, accommodating a broader range of vehicles and items. Our goal is to meet the growing demand with flexible, secure storage solutions for all our customers.

About Englewood Florida

Florida, known as the Sunshine State, has many alluring coastal towns that charm visitors with their beauty, history, and recreational opportunities. One such town, often overshadowed by its better-known neighbors, is Englewood. Nestled between Sarasota and Fort Myers on the Gulf of Mexico, Englewood is a picturesque community that offers a blend of old Florida charm and modern amenities.

At the heart of Englewood’s appeal is its pristine coastline. The Englewood Beach, Manasota Key Beach, and Stump Pass Beach State Park offer miles of soft, white sandy shores. Here, you can often find shark teeth and shells, making beachcombing a popular pastime. The calm, turquoise waters are perfect for swimming, kayaking, and paddleboarding. If you’re a nature lover, the parks around Englewood, with their mangrove forests and native wildlife, are a must-visit.

FrogPad is happy to call Englewood home and the launching “pad” for our unique Industrial Outdoor Storage concept. 

Our Mission: Safeguarding with Accessibility

At FROGPAD, our dedication to excellence is relentless. We are fully committed to not only maintaining but significantly enhancing the quality of our services and the infrastructure of our facilities. Recognizing the evolving needs of our customers, we are excited to roll out a series of ambitious upgrades and expansions. These upcoming enhancements are meticulously designed to surpass current expectations and proactively cater to future storage requirements. With a keen eye on the horizon, FROGPAD aims to redefine the standards of outdoor storage, vehicle storage, and Englewood storage, ensuring our facilities remain synonymous with security, accessibility, and customer satisfaction. Our vision is to create an unparalleled storage experience that consistently meets and exceeds the diverse needs of our community.

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